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Real Steel … omg I forgot about this movie. I watched it when I was like 8, so it might be surreal to rewatch.

I have not thought about this movie even once since I originally watched it; no idea why I suddenly (and quite vividly!) remembered a scene from it as I was falling asleep the other day.

Screenshot of dialog between me and ChatGPT in the iOS app.

The initial prompt: "what's the movie where robots are forced to fight or something? not transformers"

First ChatGPT response: "It sounds like you might be thinking of the movie "Real Steel" (2011), where robots are used in boxing matches. Is that the movie you're referring to?"

My reply: "yess thank you i forgot it existed"

Final ChatGPT response: "You're welcome! "Real Steel" is a memorable movie. If you have any more questions or need information about it or anything else, feel free to ask. Enjoy your movie night!"

I was going to say how ChatGPT is so much more useful than Google for this sort of thing, but typing the exact same prompt into Google also gives the correct answer :p